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I've worked on websites, social media designs, and logos. You can find my M.Sc. biology thesis other other documents here too.

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The Albany Unified Academy (MyAUA) is an educational services company founded by me, which is based right here in Albany, GA. I draw from my wealth of experience in education and as a biology to teach others as a MyUltimate Wizz instructor at MyAUA. Are you needing a refresher course on basic life science concepts, including biology, biochemistry, and biotechnology? Then tutoring in biology is ideal for individuals with science and non-science backgrounds alike. This includes students of science at all grade levels, including the health sciences as well as students of other fields including business and the arts. To learn more about my company, go to the MYAUA link at the top right of this page and click there to be taken to a brief synopsis of the course offerings and services.

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