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Background and Purview

Biobibel is a blog I started to share life science basics.  The topics to be discussed include a review of recent research in bioinformatics, biochemistry, and medicine. Updates about life science products and services, and as well as relevant industry news, will also be posted. Biobibel was created by me. I am a biologist whose endeavor is to create partnerships with biologists around the world. Thus, Biobibel hopes to enhance the learning of students, teachers, and researchers of the biological sciences through interactive modules that can be accessed online. Furthermore, the site and its social media pages offer engaging tutorials, many of which are accompanied by full-color images and links to additional resources. Biobibel seeks a subscriber base that will offer feedback to its postings, which will facilitate learning for its worldwide community.

On the Origins of the Name

Biobibel means biology bible or book.

The name of this website comes from a portmanteau of the words biological and bibel. Bibel is derived from German origins and means bible, which in turn comes from the Greek word βίβλος (biblos), which means book. I prefer using the phraseology life science basics interchangeable in the place of biology. While a student of biology at Albany State University in Albany, Georgia, a professor of biology who jokingly called our zoology textbook “a bible.” This stuck with me for many years, even today as I share this website with you. I was in between two names: or and family and closest friends voted for the former name, which I agreed with. Biobibel is a searchable, online resource for novices as well as scholars of the biological sciences, including students, educators, and researchers of all ages and backgrounds. This website is not a replacement for textbooks in the biological sciences or a substitute for the primary literature, which are cited here as additional resources. You can also submit questions that will be answered by me about biology and participate in our forum discussions. I welcome your feedback.

 Please feel free to comment, like, share, and follow our social media sites to be kept up to date on these posts.

Check back frequently for updates my blog or follow me on social media on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram @Biobibel.

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